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Quality Kitchens - Kitchen installers Southampton, Hampshire.

Quality Magnet and Howdens Kitchens in Hampshire

Here at Taurus Kitchens we take great pride in our kitchens and with years of experience we can create the look and durability you require. Our quality Magnet and Howden kitchens range are well presented and they bring a premium build.

  • Rigid cabinets constructed from an 18mm white, oak, walnut or birch lightly textured board. The colour of the cabinets is dependent on the range you choose. Ask in store for more details, (Essentially Magnet kitchens are supplied with white cabinets as standard).

  • No kitchen would be complete without adjustable shelving and clip-on, coordinated plinths for the perfect finishing touch.

  • Soft-close doors and drawers mean less slamming, banging and trapping of fingers. They also mean less stress on hinges and an extremely smooth action. Fitted as standard on all ranges.

  • Magnet quality extends to unseen features such as removable backboards for easy access to pipes and plumbing.

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